Thank you for such quality programming! I’ve seen some simply incredible talent and intelligent discussion on your show.

I moved here to the Chicago area back in August from CA and had a huge pleasure in watching a band on your show maybe a couple months ago. I still haven’t shaken their jam. I have no idea who it was and would love to go see them jam live!

I can tell you that the guitarist was maybe 25 yrs old and he was Clapton-smooth but could shred it up as well. It looked like they were jamming in a bar? There were a couple ladies doing vocals and believe it or not, I felt like these people were a family? Just a vibe, but man what a session they had that night!!! The band had maybe 6 members or more with fantastic drummer and piano man, but it was that young guitarist that struck me down!

Can you help me out?

I would love to take my wife and friends to a show… Keep up the great show, Earl!

Thanks very much! Sean

Dear Earl,
   Thank you for once again, saving my butt at the last minute and making me look good. I enjoy so much working with you. Because one, you are the ultimate professional, and you know how to go with the flow. If you have time, on Friday, or Saturday, I would like to sit down with you and go over some of the raw footage that you took. And I do have your package for you. I would also like to discuss  with you three film projects, the Proviso West Holiday Classic 50th Anniversary, which will be filmed throughout the summer and completed and shown Saturday, September 11th. Second film, the Best Basketball Rilvary That Money Could Buy, Simeon verses King. Bob Hambric, the crusader vs. Landon Sunny Cox, the gun swinger. We will also be filming this this summer. The third and last film, The Chicago Public League High School Football All Stars featuring the finest high school football players in the history of Chicago Public Schools. I look forward to discussing shooting schedules, payment price and arrangments for all three of these ventures. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (312)671-XXXX or email me. Again let me say thank you.

We thank everyone for responding either yes or no to our invitations. Yesterday was our first time at our new location: Carmichael's Restaurant. The private room venue was very conducive to networking . We are also grateful to Earl Winfrey for videotaping the luncheon. He will also be taping our next event, and we hope to have some quality video to post on social media sites from that taping. Have a great day!